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Beneficial Use Program Development



Since its inception, Agresource has worked with waste generators and farms to establish programs for the beneficial use of organic residuals generated from the treatment of municipal and industrial wastes. The use of residuals on farms, as soil additives and substitutes for fertilizers and lime, can be the most cost-effective means of using residuals.


 Agresource works directly with the generator to characterize the residuals, establish testing protocol, and assist the generator with obtaining any permits from regulatory agencies.  Agresource will provide the generator with technical support in evaluating process changes and equipment that may reduce quantities of residuals and improve handling.


Agresource has established a network of farm cooperators with interest in using residuals in agricultural production. Agresource identifies specific residuals that can benefit the farm operations, improve farm soils, and increase yields. Agresource distributes residuals to farms and Agresource staff members monitor their use, perform soil testing, and provide program oversight to insure that permit conditions are met.

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