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Alternative Energy



Programs provided by Agresource have included utilization of wastes as a renewable (green) energy resource in anaerobic digestion facilities to enhance bio-methane generation. By diverting organic residuals from landfill disposal and incineration to higher value uses, Agresource has been able to provide significant disposal cost savings for the generators.


There are  opportunities  to utilize various high-strength organic residuals from the food processing industry as supplemental sources of energy at various anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities. These residuals, such as the air flotation

residuals (AFR), can generate significant amounts of additional bio-gas (a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide) when fed into dairy digesters or digestion facilities located at municipal wastewater treatment facilities.


Vermont has led the way over the past five years in the construction of green renewable energy production facilities, utilizing dairy manure from confined dairy facilities that it has designated as the “cow power” program. We are presently working with three dairy digester facilities in Vermont to generate additional bio-gas from food processing residuals. In addition to the Vermont program, we are delivering suitable food processing residuals to farm digesters in Massachusetts and Maine, and Agresource is pursuing negotiations with digestion facilities at municipal wastewater treatment plants in New England.

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