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About Us

Agresource, Inc. is a Massachusetts corporation, doing business in New England and the Northeast since 1984. We provide services to municipal, industrial, and commercial clients by applying environmentally sound, beneficial utilization-strategies, using appropriate technologies. Agresource staff has expertise in the areas of composting, compost utilization and marketing, land application, and energy recovery (e.g., anaerobic digestion)


The traditional services of the company have been focused on the development of environmentally sound and sustainable programs for organic residuals. Composting and land application of biosolids, leaf and yard waste, and other source-separated organics have been primary areas of activity. However, the company’s recent focus has been directed toward diversion of selected residuals toward uses whereby energy recovery is also possible. In excess of 40,000 tons of food processing residuals annually are beneficially utilized in programs managed by Agresource.

In 1991, EPA Region I awarded Agresource with the Beneficial Sewage Sludge Award in Recognition of Outstanding Operation of a Sludge Management Project for providing for the beneficial use of sludge while protecting the environmental quality and public health.


Staff members actively participate in both national and regional professional organizations, deliver technical presentations at conferences and serve on advisory panels. Agresource provides product marketing services and distributes in excess of 100,000 cubic yards per year of compost, mulch, and compost-amended manufactured soil in the Northeast. Marketing activities are centered in New England and the Northeast, where Agresource provides promotional services to more than 12 compost facilities.


Agresource provides compost screening services to municipal and private clients for processing leaf and yard waste. Agresource staff and equipment are also utilized to blend and screen specialized soil mixes used in construction of sports fields, wetland remediation, storm water treatment, and other highly specialized projects. Agresource works with an extensive list of Farm Cooperators in New England to land-apply and to compost both solid and liquid organic wastes. Materials handled in the farm program include a variety of industrial residues classified by the Department of Environmental Protection as suitable for beneficial use.


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