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Marketing & Product Development



Agresource markets various products generated from waste residuals throughout the Northeast. Agresource products include composts made from a variety of feed stocks (e.g. biosolids,leaf and yard wastes, food scraps and manures), mulches, biofilter media and compost-amended soils.


Marketing agreements with more than 12 different facilities allow Agresource to supply diverse customers across the region with quality products.

Agresource staff members are experienced in the uses of various organic products, the analysis of soils, and sustainable landscape construction procedures.  We  work with both the compost generator and the product end-user to insure that the products are utilized to their best advantage.

Agresource works with the producer to develop an individualized marketing program. Goals are established and prioritized, and follow-up meetings with the generator’s staff are held to insure that clear lines of communication are maintained. Agresource staff work with the producer to establish procedures for product testing, quality control, management of inventory, and product distribution.

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